BMFA Northern Area Gazebo

The BMFA Northern area now have their own Gazebo.

BMFA Northern Area Gazebo

Gazebo1 Gazebo2 gazebo3 Wakefield-Armed-Forces-Day-July-2022-2

The Gazebo measures 3.00 x 4.5 metres.

If any Northern area club wishes to use the Gazebo at your club or other event, please complete the short online form below and a representative from the Northern Area Committee will get back to you.

Please check the area calendar first to see if the Gazebo is available. All the bookings on the calendar start with the word ‘GAZEBO’.



Booking Form

There are a few simple terms / conditions to follow:

  1. You are responsible for collecting and returning the Gazebo to its storage location (the location details may change and you will be given the information as to where it is currently stored).
  2. The Gazebo must be returned clean and dry, complete with the tool box, straps, hammer and pegs.
  3. You are responsible for its security and safe storage whilst in use by your club.
  4. Any damage or problems must be reported to the Northern Area Committee to enable any repairs or replacement parts to be sourced so the gazebo is ready for the next event.