BMFA Northern Area Trial Flight Aircraft

BMFA Northern Area Trial Flight Aircraft

In an effort to try and increase club membership numbers and encourage more people to take up the hobby, the BMFA Northern Area Committee recently took the decision to purchase some trial flight aircraft for clubs to use for trial flight events and area achievement scheme events.

A big 'Thank You' to

Model Shop Leeds


Century UK

For their support in the purchase of these aircraft and batteries.

BMFA Northern Area Trial Flight Aircraft

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riots 3
riot 4
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The area have purchased 4 Max Thrust Riot aircraft.

Clubs will have to provide their own radio equipment when using the aircraft.

The aircraft will be supplied with 3 Overlander 3700mAh 11.1V 3S 25C Sport LiPo batteries (XT60 connectors & approx 12 minutes flight time). These will be at storage charge capacity (20 to 30 percent) and should be returned in the same state.

There are a few simple rules and conditions:

  1. Your club will be responsible for the collection and return of the aircraft from its storage location (that can vary but hopefully will not be too far to travel).
  2. The aircraft are used by competent pilots using a buddy transmitter set up (we want to try and keep the aircraft in one piece).
  3. Take offs and landings must be conducted by the instructor.
  4. It is expected that any minor damage to the aircraft, would be repaired by the users before the return of the aircraft to its storage location, ready for it to fly again.
  5. The aircraft are used for genuine trial flight events or area BMFA achievement scheme events. They are not for general club training use.
  6. The aircraft are flown lawfully in accordance with all the current legislation (including CAA Operator number and competency requirements).

If you are holding a club event and need use of the aircraft to offer trial flights, please complete the aircraft booking form below and a representative from the Northern Area Committee will get back to you.

Trial Flight Aircraft Booking Form 

If you require any more information please contact the area Achievement Scheme Co-ordinator & Communications Officer (details below): 

Martin Lynn
Achievement Scheme Co-ordinator & Communications Officer
Mobile: 07802 725 231